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    The crew, a key element for a successful cruise on a yacht

    Are you dreaming of going on a cruise, but don’t want to be surrounded by thousands of people on a huge liner? Why not choose a yacht? It’s an ideal way to spend a few days at sea in an intimate and slightly luxurious atmosphere, the possibility of experiencing a truly extraordinary holiday. One of the most important elements to make this moment a success is the crew of your yacht. In this article, we tell you everything. From their duties and responsibilities to how to recruit them, you’ll learn all about the people who will make your sea holiday an enchanted getaway. Why choose a qualified crew? If you…

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    The Perfect Charter for Every Cruise

      It can be tough to give the rich yacht club lovers a show. The standard size for most yachts is 88 feet, but for the pershing 115, it is built to a remarkable 115 feet. It is the most remarkable model built by the Pershing brand. Propelling the yacht are two 16-cylinder MTU diesel from the 4000 series, with a horsepower of 3,700. With their colossal size, their appearance under the yacht seeming indefinite along with the engine compartment.Increasing the engines’ proficiency by being connected to ZF gears routed through KaMeWa water jets making the power train run smoothly. Another unique feature is the water jets with unique in-put…

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    Is IPS officer bodyguard reliable for your personal security ?

    We like to feel safe, for this we can hire the bodyguards services, ips officer bodyguard offers you the top-most protection and safety you need. IPS Bodyguard has you covered; to give you informed, respectful security personnel you can trust. The main offices are at Cannes in France, London in the UK, and Dakar in Senegal. The company seeks to satisfy your needs; therefore, clients are treated with utmost priority by using all their resources to providing a safe environment. IPS Bodyguard offers a wide range of security services, including; event security, personal security, safe transportation, and property guarding. Some of the services offered by IPS Bodyguard. Close protection Are…