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The Perfect Charter for Every Cruise


It can be tough to give the rich yacht club lovers a show. The standard size for most yachts is 88 feet, but for the pershing 115, it is built to a remarkable 115 feet. It is the most remarkable model built by the Pershing brand. Propelling the yacht are two 16-cylinder MTU diesel from the 4000 series, with a horsepower of 3,700. With their colossal size, their appearance under the yacht seeming indefinite along with the engine compartment.
Increasing the engines’ proficiency by being connected to ZF gears routed through KaMeWa water jets making the power train run smoothly. Another unique feature is the water jets with unique in-put ducts that provide greater water flow to the impellers improving their motion. The space in between the jets creates room for more improvement as a third water jet can also be fitted allowing the installation of a centerline motor which boosts the power to 13,000hp. With accurate predictions, the yacht can reach speeds exceeding 55 knots, you can term that as real excitement!

Make your summer cruise exciting

While on the yacht, be ready for fun surprises, there is a hidden sunroof that is found above the pilothouse. Here you can sunbathe all you need without disturbance. You do not need to go light on the water sports since there are extra toys; two jet skis with an extra launching crane. The top deck will be everyone’s favorite spot, with an open sun deck and chairs to enjoy your drinks and food while on the cruise. In lieu of its beauty is the yacht’s interior and exterior decoration. The yacht boasts a breathtaking interior. Above the entryway is contemporary artwork that is also on the two side window pillars adding to the beautiful walkway. In the open space is a dining area set for 10 and three hug adjustable seats forming a monument. The boat is coated in Pershing’s navy blue and silver color scheme, which has been often reproduced since. This visual style matches the superstructure’s succession of rising curves, and everything appears nicely integrated, as it does in so many other parts of this design. Most of the design’s practical aspects have been well worked out, but the real quality of this boat can only be experienced out on the water at speed.

With everything that the yacht has to offer, it also makes for a great home while out at sea. Making for great memories and unforgettable experiences. It can work as a host for your conferences with its beautiful interior and exterior. When it comes to the boat, it is all up to you to decide.


Pershing 115 has achieved the ideal balance with this boat. This boat has an elegance to impress guests with, on the inside and out, also extremely fun to live on aboard. In terms of reliability, the speed will do for different purposes, however, if you would like to outrun anyone else on the water, you can buy a jet engine to add to the speed.