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Is IPS officer bodyguard reliable for your personal security ?

We like to feel safe, for this we can hire the bodyguards services, ips officer bodyguard offers you the top-most protection and safety you need. IPS Bodyguard has you covered; to give you informed, respectful security personnel you can trust. The main offices are at Cannes in France, London in the UK, and Dakar in Senegal.
The company seeks to satisfy your needs; therefore, clients are treated with utmost priority by using all their resources to providing a safe environment. IPS Bodyguard offers a wide range of security services, including; event security, personal security, safe transportation, and property guarding.

Some of the services offered by IPS Bodyguard.

Close protection

Are you worried about your family’s safety? Worry no more. Having dealt with VVIP clients, celebrities, and even renowned CEOs, you can trust this security agency’s personnel to provide you with top-notch services.
Bodyguards under IPS are ex-special forces or experienced private protection agents who are highly equipped with knowledge on emerging technological advancements in security services. Utmost confidentiality is guaranteed once you secure their services.


Detecting danger from suspicious conditions by highly-equipped and well-trained Scan Agents. They can avert robbery and assault. Terrorism in France and other European countries has been a security threat since time immemorial.
In the period between 2014 and 2018, France had been a target for many terror attacks. The victim numbers had risen to 245 since 2015 after the last attack in Trebes (Aude) and Carcassonne. These threats can be countered by IPS security agents.

Risk analysis, threat, and security assessment.

IPS offers protection for your investment, your guests, and most certainly, you whenever you seek their services at events in different countries. IPS Bodyguard provides two types of services to strengthen your security system.
They scrutinise the security system in existence and check for its weak areas and problems. They then recommend appropriate remedies to improve the system.

Property guarding

With video surveillance services and reliable guards, IPS Bodyguard is trusted by its clients for its exemplary job. Along with close protection, property monitoring is also one of their primary services, with many theft cases reported notably in France.
In France, you can’t risk your property because there is a robbery every 1.5 minutes and a car theft every 2 minutes.


Certainly, IPS Bodyguard is the ideal security company for you for its worldwide recognition and many avenues of service provision like property and close protection, anti-terrorism, and risk assessment.
You can never go wrong with IPS Bodyguard for its experience dealing with influential, significant, and famous people.