A good booK I like to refer to says better is the end of a thing than its beginning. So, I’d start this by saying congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the NFS project since inception till today (last day). Also, kudos to W.TEC who are facilitating this platform bringing us all together.

Meanwhile, I’ve kept thinking about the subject  matter for this week and read various posts by us all. Can I ask a question: What would you do if you get to achieve greatness and fulfill your dreams but its only widely recognised after your death (pls see a brief on Rosalind Franklin for an example).

As I thought over this and various issues, one thread in my mind says our biggest challenges to ICTs and life in general lies within us. Can we surmount the seemingly big obstacles on our way? Can we view our dreams/goals as possible and attainable by us and the larger community?

This is one challenge we must resolve in our minds. Why do we do what we do?

Onto another thread, its true Nigeria has made a lot of progress over the years with regards to ICTs. However, I find too much pessimitic views shared time and time again. Yes, Nigeria as a country should be further down the road of development than she is today and true, time and time again, we’ve not resolved quite a number of matters but fortune favours the brave. The issue before us today is not whether Nigeria should be this or that rather, can we see the opportunities available in the challenges that we face as a society, people and individuals? Can we proffer solutions to them?

Dr. Joseph Adelegan is doing such. He’s resolving issues in a 3rd world country using ICTs and the skills he has acquired over the years. People, I made a choice long ago. I belong to the “company” of men & women who will change their world for good.

People, all we’ve learnt over the past couple of days, weeks & months as well as the relationships/connections we have made will amount to gross underutilisation if we fail to build upon them and ensure their use from now and always in our earthly sojourn.

In closing, can I do a pre-announcement. Sunday July 27 is the birthday of our good friend and brother, ‘Gbenga Sesan. Can we send him cards, gifts, messages et al online and offline wishing him the very best!!!