I read Gbenga’s post and cannot but agree that Nigeria has come a long way in the use of ICTs. If nobody believes that, I do. For someone like me to be using ICTs at all is a long way for Nigeria! Yeah, I know I am exaggerating a little- only a little.

I remember what should have been my first contact with the internet. I was taking a postgraduate course in computer studies in 2002/2003, and we were given an assignment to go on the net, visit a website and print out a page just to show that we were able to navigate our way to a particular site. My God! It was so bad (I am ashamed to admit it), we were paying people to help us out! When I remember now, I feel like laughing out loud!

Little by little, I was able to progress to this stage and a big thanks to W-tec, I now have a blog (http://faddyshow.blogspot.com for those who might be interested) !

I know we still have a long way to go especially with the state of our infrastructure, but we must acknowledge the fact that we are making progress. With what W-tec is doing, the growth of the use of ICTs in Nigeria is assured. I know some other institutions are doing similar things too, but you know, when a woman is empowered, a families are empowered. When families are empowered, sooner or later, the whole community is!

Keep up the good work W-tec, and Thanks for your post Gbenga Sesan.